HR / Payroll Module:

• Support Automated & Manual Attendance System
• Automated Attendance Support Architectures (Bio Metric / Fingerprint / Thumb Impression, Eye Scanning, Card Scanning, Password Inputs),
• Employee IN / OUT deduction as per company policy (Enable or disable per employee),
• CV Bank for Interviewer’s data and can convert into employee Profile,
• Employee Profile with various Types, Categories & inputs,
• Employee Scan able Company Card Printing with Barcode,
• Employee Warning Letters,
• Company Departments, Sub Departments & Sections,
• Employee Fixed Loan Single & Multiple Policies per employee,
• Employee Multiple Short Advances (Bulk Entry through Percentage Policy or Singly Entry with agreed amount),
• Employee Shift Management System,

• Employee Allowances Policies,
• Leaves Management System,
• Employee Increment System,
• Overtime Rate & Policy,
• Monthly Salary Generation,
• Daily Attendance Report,
• Loan History Report,
• Temp Advances History Report,
• Salary Report
• Employees Pay Slips
• Department Wise Salary Report
• Various Other Setup Inputs, Definition Forms & MIS Reports are included in the package       

Examples of some desktop applications:

  • Windows File Explorer
  • Microsoft Office applications
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Skype
  • Discord
  • Illustrator



Platform is simply a hardware on which Operating system and all the other applications run. There can be three kinds of platform applications.

  • Desktop platform applications
  • Mobile platform applications
  • Web-based platform applications


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